Misunderstood: Based on True Story

Fiction, Biography

Since early childhood, Laura was never allowed to express her feelings without being accused of backchatting. Her mother was suicidal, and her father liked his drink. To escape from all this, she would often daydream and go into a fantasy world of her own. Laura was often bullied at school until one day, she learnt to stick up for herself. As she grew up, she fell madly in love, only to be rejected when she was four and a half months pregnant and had to bring up her daughter on her own. She eventually made the biggest mistake of her life when she found herself trapped in a loveless marriage. Laura was divorced after three years, only to be trapped again when she met someone whom she believed could love her unconditionally.

The Heart Won’t Let Go

Fiction, Romance

Chantelle, a young, innocent, English girl, leaves her home in Devon and travels to Norwich in search of her freedom. The door opens when Matt, an American, walks into the café where she works, and they are immediately attracted to each other. Unaware that Matt has a fiancée in America, Chantelle falls madly in love and gives up her innocence.

After spending six glorious months together, Chantelle is devastated when Matt turns up late one evening and tells her he has been summoned back to America. Without Matt, Chantelle’s life becomes a nightmare, and the only way she can free herself of this is by getting drunk.

In the meantime, back home in America, Matt begins to have vivid dreams about Chantelle. Eventually, a monkey wrench is throwing when Carol, Matt’s fiancée, finds out about Chantelle and craves retribution. Matt soon discovers that he has put Chantelle’s life in danger. Can he save her?.

Where Souls Entwine: Follow-Up to the Heart Won’t Let Go

Fiction, Fantasy

After thirty years of silence, the Spirits have once again become active on the top of Where Souls Entwine—the mountain in Colorado. Meanwhile, in England, Caitlin finally builds up the courage to flee from her cruel husband’s abuse and moves from Yorkshire to Devon to live with her parents, who own Tovey’s Little Restaurant. Just after moving in, Caitlin becomes fascinated by a mural painted on her bedroom wall. She is shortly to find out that the mountain painted in the background is none other than Where Souls Entwine. Caitlin manages to get a job with the Devonshire Horse Centre, and she immediately becomes attached to a white horse whom she names Snowstorm. After working there for two weeks, Snowstorm’s owner turns up—Marcus Colby from Colorado. Caitlin and Marcus fall in love, and on the day of his departure back to the USA, Marcus promises her he will send for her. One year passes, and Caitlin doesn’t hear from him. Suddenly, she becomes haunted by the mural and the three orbs that have appeared on top of the mountain. Each night, Caitlin either has nightmares of things to come or things that have already happened. Guided by the Spirits, she makes arrangements to fly to Colorado to seek out the truth and follow her destiny. Unbeknownst to Caitlin, Jack is hunting her down. Can Chantelle’s Spirit save Caitlin from Jack’s wrath? Will Marcus and Caitlin finally find happiness? Or will Jack eventually get his revenge?

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